Saving Water, Saving Sunlight

Saving Water, Saving Sunlight

May 30

As most of our friends are already aware, Laura and I quit television months ago. (You can do it, too! It’s just a simple eight-step program.) As a result, we are often the last to hear about major headlines. However, I’ve recently seen a couple things in the Orlando Sentinel that I want to share.

First, a company called Blue Chip Energy has acquired the rights to turn a 200-acre field in Lake County into the state’s largest solar energy farm. Their proposed power plant would provide enough electricity to power 8,000 homes. What I wonder is why the government hasn’t already pioneered this kind of technology. After all, Florida is not called the Sunshine State for sentimental reasons. I’m excited to see solar energy coming to Central Florida on a large scale.

Second, I saw a commentary article in yesterday’s paper on how to get rid of grass. Grass lawns are things I have never quite understood. Grass is wonderful and necessary if you’re raising cattle on a working farm, but what’s the point of having a large expanse of thirsty weeds in front of every suburban home? Keeping up with the Jones has led many middle-class Americans to spray chemicals and waste water maintaining a useless lawn. Much better — and cheaper — would be native plant landscaping with mulch or stones, and maybe even a patch of edible landscaping. (Edible plants may also require a lot of water, but at least they aren’t just for show.)


  1. Deborah

    I had quit TV years ago and nobody could understand it. When I would tell someone that I don’t have TV, they always wanted to GIVE me a TV! Totally freeing not to have that form of media stuck in my face 24/7!

    I think the ‘grass’ thing is phasing itself out the door due to the water it takes to maintain. I see HOA’s agreeing to allow other types of grass, besides St. Augustine, which takes so much water to maintain… so at least it’s a step in the right direction.

    Enjoy your posts… they keep me thinking!

    • Laura V.

      It’s great to hear from someone else without a televsion and cable. People honestly think we’re crazy since we don’t watch the news or know whats going on with American Idol every day! Contrary to you, John and I do own two televisions. One is a large flat screen that is in our living room, but without any cable we just hooked it up to our computer and it acts like a 50 inch monitor. This does allow us to watch the television shows that are offered for free online on Hulu or Netflix, but we do this maybe a total of six hours a week. Compared to 35 hours the average person watches, I think we’re doing pretty good. The other television sits gathering dust in our bedroom. In the 15 months we’ve been in this townhouse, we’ve used it exactly 2 times. Which reminds me it’s probably time to give it to Goodwill or sell it at a garage sale.
      About the lawns, its nice to hear of HOAs allowing native plants and other grasses to be planted in yards. Especially since I just heard recently about it being common for HOAs to outlaw clotheslines because of the way they make the neighborhood look. It’s preposterous and one of the reasons John and I put an offer in for a house that had no HOA.

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