Jun 02

I’ve been reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and only 11 pages in, I found a great quote (and many more in the pages after that will be posted here as I can find time).

“A quick way to improve food-related fuel economy would be to buy a quart of motor oil and drink it. More palatable options are available. If every U.S. citizen ate just one meal a week (any meal) composed of locally and organically raised meats and produce, we would reduce our country’s oil consumption by over 1.1 million barrels or oil every week. Thats not gallons, but barrels. Small changes in buying habits can make big differences. Becoming a less energy-dependant nation may just need to start with a good breakfast.”

Amazing huh? And just one more reason why you should eat local, organic, humanely raised, respectful food!

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