Pine Twenty2

Pine Twenty2

Jun 05

Logo for Pine Twenty2 RestaurantOur original goal in changing our diet was to stop supporting industrially-produced meat — which we feel harms people, animals and the planet — and start supporting sustainable methods. We quickly discovered that while there are numerous opportunities to buy raw sustainable meat, it is much more difficult to find restaurants that serve it. So we were very excited to find Pine Twenty2, a restaurant specializing in burgers, that sources pork from Palmetto Creek Farms and beef from Deep Creek Ranch.

Located on Pine Street in downtown Orlando, Pine Twenty2 is surprisingly large and decorated with a shabby chic aesthetic, solid wood countertops below sleek blown-glass lighting. Although they don’t have a full bar, they serve two beers on tap and a wide variety of beer by the bottle, as well as wine. Their main offering is burgers, which are ordered via a build-your-own checklist. Diners can choose from four different meats, including 100% Angus beef from Meyers Natural Beef and BBQ pulled pork from Palmetto Creek, a slew of sauces and cheeses and up to four toppings, ranging from sprouts to cole slaw to roasted peppers to locally grown tomatoes. My hand-crafted burger consisted of a 5 oz. beef patty with smoked gouda, BBQ sauce, cole slaw, roasted peppers, sprouts and tomatoes. If you aren’t the adventurous type, or just loathe making decisions, Pine Twenty2 also offers some pre-designed burgers.

The standard price for a 5 oz. beef burger is $6.95, but you can add hand-cut fries or sweet potato fries for $2.75. If the price seems steep, it’s because the ingredients are sustainable and often local, and because the resulting burgers are really huge. One thing I really loved is that their hamburger buns seem to be egg-bread (like challah) and are toasted to perfection. Also, they have a frequent burger card: Buy 6 burgers and get your seventh for free!

The next time you’re downtown, stop by Pine Twenty2 and see how good a sustainable burger really tastes!

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  1. Deborah

    That price is right in line with finer dining, so I think it’s very reasonable. (I guess the normal diner might wonder about the simplicity of a hamburger being more expensive). Never heard of sweet potato fries but they sound great! Can’t wait to go visit. Thanks for sharing!


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