This American Life covers an industrial pig farm

This American Life covers an industrial pig farm

Jun 11

This American Life logoFor more than fifteen years and four hundred episodes on Chicago Public Radio, This American Life has been telling honest human interest stories without an angle. Each episode deals with a theme, though how the stories relate to the theme aren’t always immediately obvious. For two years, this radio show also produced a TV series, which aired on Showtime.

One of these TV episodes, entitled “Pandora’s Box,” tells the story of a man raised on a traditional farm who now runs an industrial pig farm in Iowa. You’ve probably seen industrial animal operations in documentaries like Food, Inc., but they are portrayed in the worst way possible to fit the persuasive goals of the film. In This American Life, you can see a less biased glimpse into the world of modern animal farms. (If you don’t believe me on this, watch some other episodes — I think you’ll find they are all fair and honest.) Of course, this picture is not complete, because the focus of the story isn’t really food production, but I thought it was insightful nonetheless.

If you have Netflix, you can watch this episode online through instant play.

You can listen to the radio show as a podcast through iTunes (free!), or you can listen to every episode (from all fifteen years) on the website:

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