Nature’s Harmony

Nature’s Harmony

Jun 12

Photo of heritage turkers from Nature's Harmony farm

This farm in Georgia is going the distance, raising chickens for eggs and meat, rabbits for meat, cattle for dairy and meat, sheep, turkeys and pigs. As part of the local food scene around Athens, Georgia, Tim and Liz Young are committed to sustainable farming and “reconnecting with the land.” Their free-range eggs (not cage-free — the chickens are kept in eggmobiles that are moved around the pasture) are available in grocery stores now, but I’m not sure which grocery stores. I just received a coupon for them in the Orlando Sentinel, but that certainly doesn’t mean they are available here. I’ll be on the lookout from now on…


  1. Deborah

    I just wrote a story about the ‘best’ eggs and see that this farm does allow pasture feeding and that’s key when looking at egg production. What we all want to stay away from is when the hens are not allowed to roam about freely, eating bugs, and grasses as their main food source. From what I gleaned from their site is that the hens do roam freely and the egg mobiles are where they nest. is the best rating system available to keep the consumer informed about who’s doing what and holds farms accountable. I found Vital Farms which sells pasture raised chickens in Whole Foods in Orlando and they’re out of Texas. Yummy!

    • Thanks so much, Deborah! Cornucopia looks to be an amazing organization that we should have known about earlier. We’ll definitely look into it and post it here on our blog.

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