The Rusty Spoon

The Rusty Spoon

Jun 14

Colorful restaurants are popping up all over Orlando, it seems, bringing it ever closer to becoming what I consider to be a “real city,” one with a diverse and accessible culture of art, cuisine and community. The most recent step toward this that I’ve heard about is the opening of the Rusty Spoon, a gastro-pub in downtown Orlando, in the 55 West building.

The Rusty Spoon logoAlthough Laura and I haven’t been there, we have heard good things from our friends, and the Orlando Sentinel named it “a locavore’s delight.” Apparently owned by the same folks who started Pine 22 (another recent discovery) and Urban Flats, the Rusty Spoon offers locally-sourced pub fare, taking pork from Palmetto Creek, produce from Waterkist Farm, poultry from Lake Meadow Naturals, and beef from Deep Creek Ranch. Exciting!

I’m no economist, but I know that the only way to encourage more farming in Central Florida is to increase demand, and restaurants offer a great opportunity to do just that. It would take a lot of people choosing to eat local food to equal the demand of just one local restaurant. So please patronize the Rusty Spoon and all its compatriots, establishments that support the local agriculture scene. (Also, check them out on Facebook!)

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