Spreading Awareness with Technology

Spreading Awareness with Technology

Jun 30

Facebook logo

Laura and I are notorious among our group of family and friends for being wary of social technology. I am a multimedia designer, so I work with technology every day, yet I am a very late adopter of most new devices and networking tools. So it was with some trepidation that we started to move a lot of our thoughts and ideas to our new Facebook page in May.

However, I think it’s been a really useful tool for sharing thoughts, links, and events and for networking with local businesses. In fact, we recently reached 50 likes! Now that we’re popular enough, Facebook has let us have our own username, so you can now visit us there by going to www.facebook.com/withrespectforfood. (Previously, it was some long number.)

So head over to Facebook and like us, because we post a lot of things there that never make it to our blog. Thanks for all the interest and support, friends!

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