Patio Garden: Summer

Patio Garden: Summer

Jul 14

Photo of our patio garden

I feel a little like a first-time parent when I post pictures of our garden (see below for more), showing it off at all times of day, in all stages of growth. But I think it’s important because 1) it keeps a record that we can go back and review, and 2) it shows all our readers (that’s you!) that we are doing (read: trying) to do (some of) the things that we recommend to our readers. We may be new at all this, and we may have a long way to go, but we are actively attempting, failing, then succeeding and, during that process, learning.

Right now, our garden looks pretty spare. After growing a wide variety of plants in the fall and spring, Laura and I decided to prune our list down to just a few types of edible plants and grow those in greater quantity. Hence, we have a sturdy okra forest, some soybean spirals already heavy with little edamame, and a parade of pea plants vining up a repurposed futon frame (or crib — we’re still not sure). We haven’t harvested and enjoyed the fruits of our labors yet, but our little garden looks happy for the time being!

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