New Labels for Raw Meat?

New Labels for Raw Meat?

Jul 22

The USDA just announced a proposal to make meat labels more clear by adhering to stricter guidelines. According to the Under Secretary for Food Safety Dr. Elisabeth Hagen: “Consumers should be able to make an informed choice in the store, which is why we need to provide clear, informative labels that will help consumers make the best decisions about feeding their families.” Ironically, the USDA has, for many years, resisted requiring labels for genetically modified foods and ingredients, and they currently require very little clarity in labeling foods as Certified Organic.

Now, though, the USDA has concluded that many meat products with added ingredients (salt solutions, preservatives, flavorings) are still just called “Chicken” or “Beef” or whatever meat is represented. The USDA believes that unless the additives are included in the name of the product, consumers won’t know they are present. (However, all these additives are required to be listed somewhere on the package.)

If you are at all interested in more detail, you can find the proposed regulation here, on the Federal Register:

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