Green Day Fair

Green Day Fair

Oct 20

The large corporation I work for has created a day called Green Day. It’s sort of the autumn counterpart to Earth Day, and in honor of it they host a “green fair” where local vendors brag about their eco-friendly products. This year, however, they decided to incorporate a farmers’ market with real live local farmers — among the many food vendors were Growing Synergy (local meat and eggs), Heavenly Flan (made with Lake Meadows eggs), and Heart of Christmas (produce, eggs, milk). Laura was there as well, acting as the representative for Simple Living Institute, spreading the word about gardening, permaculture and worm composting.

And me? I was enduring the spotlight as one of only five members of the company’s new Green Committee. Although we’ll have to put up with a lot of politics and miseducation, we’re in a great position to effect some real change, not just in the workplace but in the homes of hundreds of families. With any luck, we’ll be able to cut down waste and convince people to support local farmers and start composting.

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