New Bird in Town

New Bird in Town

Nov 15

If you’ve ever searched Orlando for local food — especially local meat — you’ve probably been disappointed at the apparent lack of sources. Laura and I have done a lot of research to come up with the multitude of options we’ve posted here on our blog. But it’s easy to feel like Orlando is something of a local food desert. I assure you, however, it’s not.

Just to prove the point, we have found a new bird in town: Jodi Anderson at Bear Wolf Ranch showed up recently at the Audubon Park Farmers’ Market. Coolers in tow, she was offering whole chickens and samples of duck eggs from her heritage duck breeds (not for meat). Her story is certainly interesting. She told me she is the one of the few people who have visited an industrial poultry farm, and she did not like what she saw. With the help of her lawyer friend, she convinced the USDA to grant her a processing permit (quite an accomplishment for a small producer), and started raising her own chickens the old-fashioned way.

Her meat is actually quite expensive, but respect isn’t cheap, and she certainly gives her birds a lot of it. She openly discusses her method of harvesting, the food she uses, and the living conditions of all her birds. She even has photos to back up her claims.

So if you have a craving for chicken sometime soon, why don’t you splurge on something local. Support a small business and show respect for your food. Contact Jodi through or stop by the Audubon Park Farmers’ Market to visit with her in person.


  1. I’m always glad to hear of another local producer providing humanely raised meat. Just to let you and your readers know – the meat options through the Homegrown Coop continue to expand, both through online purchasing and during their open farm store hours (they have a big freezer of meat). I recently purchased a Cornish Game Hen through the coop that came from Lake Meadow Naturals and it was amazing.

    • Thanks for the tip, Nathan! I’m going to mention that on our Facebook wall (are you a fan?), just to remind everyone of the great variety available at Homegrown Co-Op.

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