Making A Difference: WKMG News Segment

Making A Difference: WKMG News Segment

Dec 23

Although we’ve settled into something of a routine recently, neglecting our blog in the process, we are still passionate about our pursuit of happy meat and local food. This morning, a cameraman from WKMG News Channel 6 came to our house to record us talking about why and how we have changed our eating habits. The footage will make up one of their “Making A Difference” segments, which I believe airs every night. Of course, it won’t air tonight — it will take a couple of days before it’s ready. So after Christmas, keep an eye on the 7:00 news on WKMG, and you may just see us!


  1. Angela

    I was so happy to see your segment on the news, I have been choosing organic and vegetarian for 3 years now. Initially my daughter has been vegetarian for many years but I woke up one day and decided I was not going to consume factory farmed meats and food. I have self educated myself on food sources and have found though very expensive I eat a lot less. My husband and son could not go tatally meatless so I decided to research Certified humane meats (happy animals) and found that Murray’s chickens were the choice for my family members who still choose to eat meat. It is nice to see others are taking an active role in their food sources. Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m so glad to hear about another family cutting back on meat! I myself can’t go entirely without meat — I just love the flavor and texture too much — but I’ve found there are lots of options for happy meat. Murray’s is great, but I would encourage you to at least try something a little closer to home. For instance, you can find Jodi from Bear Wolf Ranch ( at the Audubon Park Farmer’s Market every Monday night. Also, check out the documentary “Forks Over Knives” for some great information on the effects of eating too much meat!

  2. I just saw your featured segment on Click Orlando. I too worry about where my food comes from.

    Have a Happy New Year!
    Anna Marie
    Deltona, Fl.

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