Earth’s Pride

Earth’s Pride

Jan 03

Earth’s Pride is BJ’s premium, organic brand. These products bear the USDA Certified Organic label, but there is no information about where the meat and dairy comes from or how the animals were raised. So, for now, we must assume they are not happy products.


  1. Marketa

    You are right, I just checked my milk container, there is stated, that it is a USA product. But bag of berries states its product of Chile. I think, anything sounds to me better then China. I had the same problem with finding where are coming organic products in A&P store from, named Green Way. On the box is only address of distributor and nothing else. No other information on Internet either. So, I guess, we have to believe to what USDA label certifies otherwise we go crazy.
    Good luck!

    • Absolutely correct, Marketa. That’s one of the problems we’ve encountered: We can’t assume much about these products. Unfortunately, USDA Organic rules are pretty lax on meat products.

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