Where to buy local happy meat!

Where to buy local happy meat!

Jan 04
Illustration of happy cow and chicken

Illustration courtesy of Albany Eats!

We talk a lot about happy meat from animals raised naturally and humanely. But we are often asked, “Where can I buy happy meat?” Even so long after changing our diet, it’s a hard question to answer off the top of our heads. Part of this is because we haven’t personally ordered meat from most of the out-of-state producers, even though we’ve done the research to make sure they qualify as “happy”. Most of the happy meat we would want to recommend comes from the Central Florida area, but it’s difficult to buy. You can’t just walk into Publix and pick up a steak from Deep Creek or Pasture Prime.

However, I recently discovered something everyone who reads this blog should know: Homegrown Co-op now has an expanded meat section. Homegrown Co-op is an Orlando non-profit dedicated to supporting agriculture and community in Central Florida. They organize and sell products from hundreds of farmers, ranchers and small producers at their storefront near downtown Orlando. (See it on the map.)

Logo for Homegrown Co-Op

They carry a huge selection of meats now, from beef to duck, in a variety of sizes and cuts. If you’re looking for local happy meat, look no further. You can even order online (but only twice before becoming a member).

[I always like to point out when endorsing something that we are in no way paid or compensated for our recommendations.]

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