Deep Roots Meat

Deep Roots Meat

Jan 12

Happy meat isn’t just about animal welfare; it’s also about human welfare. I’m talking about community, human interaction, accountability — the difference between anonymity and personality. When I try to find out who raised the animals that provided my meat, I want to see this:

Family photo of the owners of Deep Roots Meat

The owners and representatives of Deep Roots Meat

What I don’t particularly want to see is this:

Photo of the mascot for Jimmy Dean sausage

The representative for Jimmy Dean

One of these looks like a good cattle rancher, experienced in animal husbandry, well-versed in the habits and needs of the herd, a good steward for the environment. One of these looks like a cheap distraction.

We recently bought some Deep Roots Meat sausage from Homegrown Co-Op and immediately shelved it in the freezer. As is usual for local, pastured meat, it was painfully expensive, but we are always comforted by the knowledge that we will be able to make it last a long time. I first tried the sausage as an accompaniment to pierogi casserole, a specialty that Laura adapted from her grandmother’s genuine Polish pierogi. (She layers lasagna noodles with mashed potatoes, mushrooms, spinach and sauteed onions — a perfect accompaniment to sausage, I believe.) Although the sausage tastes wonderful, and has a great consistency, I think it would be more appropriate with breakfast. It just didn’t have that earthy taste of fennel that makes a good dinner great.

You can order many cuts of meat and different types of sausage from Deep Roots Meat through the Homegrown Co-Op, either online or in the store. To find out lots more about Deep Roots Meat, visit their website:

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