TEDx : Changing the Way We Eat

TEDx : Changing the Way We Eat

Jan 19

Photo of TED logo

On this coming Saturday, January 21, Laura and I will be attending a free web conference at the Winter Park Welcome Center. We will be watching a live video feed from a TEDx conference in Manhattan called “Changing the Way We Eat.” The lineup of speakers is impressive and should prove to be both eye-opening and reassuring.

Respect for food really is about changing the way we eat, because our current culture and infrastructure are focused on quantity over quality and cost over authenticity. In other words, industrial food is impersonal. It completely lacks context — where it came from, how it was grown, who grew it — and for this reason, it’s completely disrespectful, not just to the plants and animals who produced the food, but to ourselves, humans who are part of and quite dependent on the process of food production.

Hopefully, we’ll bring back some good notes from the web conference and be able to share some great resources.

For those not familiar with TED, it is a non-profit dedicated to spreading good ideas. No, really, that’s what they do. They organize conferences with lots of smart, passionate speakers based on a theme. The conferences became so popular, people started organizing them independent of TED, and they call them TEDx conferences.

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