Real Time Farms

Real Time Farms

Jan 22

There are many things we’d like With Respect For Food to be, but we keep finding great resources that already exist. They just need more people to realize how great they are. One of our most recent finds is Real Time Farms, a site that rather ambitiously endeavors to track ingredients from restaurants to farms. Their database contains restaurants who reveal their sources; farms, ranches and artisans who produce ingredients; and markets who sell the ingredients. It’s a huge database, but it’s really spread out, and it has a lot of holes in the section for Central Florida.

Help fill in those gaps by signing up for free and contributing. You can add a restaurant or a producer, or you can post photos. Real Time Farms is set up very nicely to make connections for us, linking both ends of the food chain. If you eat food, you should really be interested in this.

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