Egg Products Inspection Act

Egg Products Inspection Act

Feb 11

Although the federal government has some regulations in place for egg inspection, most of the heavy lifting is left up to state and local governments. Soon, though, we may see some welcome changes in that area. Two unlikely partners — the United Egg Producers (producing most of the eggs in the US) and the Humane Society — have teamed up to write some legislature to make egg-laying hens’ lives a little easier. Not only would they have more than twice as much space per bird (which still seems rather small, but is definitely a great step forward), but they would also have perches and “other elements’ that let them express their natural behavior.

Of course, I can see the other side as well. Based on everything I know, many owners of commercial egg-laying operations have a lot of debt and struggle to meet quotas set by the companies who distribute their eggs. More space and more luxuries for the birds means more money for the poultry-producers, which I think will be a major sticking point. Nevertheless, I’m hopeful that we’ll see the federal government take a more active role in our country’s food production.

You can read more details in this LA Times article.

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