Crushing Meat Myths?

Crushing Meat Myths?

Feb 12

As a weak reaction to the recent documentary Food, Inc., it seems the meat industry has launched a couple of web initiatives, and As a natural devil’s advocate, I like seeing and researching both sides, so I was excited to see what these web sites have to offer. Even though I’m a little biased, I still found some interesting details about carbon emissions and sustainability of industrial farming. But overall, I was sorely disappointed by the watered down, evasive wording of the sites.

One of them,, deliberately offers references to make itself more credible. So far, though, following these references does not leave me overly confident. I found that one source was a study sponsored by state beef councils, hardly an unbiased viewpoint. Another study had been unfairly simplified to fit the point the author was trying to make. I plan on looking deeper into these sites, but I remain convinced that our current food system is NOT sustainable and will NOT remain in its current state for much longer.

Years from now, the industry will probably claim that they were right after all, because they will still be around, still providing much of the world’s food. And yet, I’ve no doubt that much will have changed and evolved by then. Just because the same players are around doesn’t mean they’re playing the same game!

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