About Us

The short story is that Laura and I have decided we want to be more conscious of where our food comes from and how it’s produced. To kick off this new way of eating and living, we plan to buy only meat and dairy products from animals raised organically and naturally. We are committing to this for three months, starting August 1, 2010. At the end of that time we evaluate how happy we are with our situation, as well as whether or not our budget can afford to sustain such shopping standards indefinitely. Because this is going to be expensive, and for a few other reasons, we also plan on eating less meat on a day-to-day basis.

We started this blog as a place to:

  • encourage ourselves to continue with our commitment.
  • share factual information with anyone who doesn’t have the time or inclination to find it.
  • provide the results of our research on brand names and product pricing with those who may also be interested in changing the way they eat.

This is not a place for us to preach at anyone, or show anyone how cool we are, or prove that we have the moral high ground. We really want to hear from you, so use the comment form at the bottom of every post or, if what you have to say is more than a few sentences, feel free to e-mail us.

For the record:

  • We are not going vegetarian.
  • We are not going 100% organic with all food.
  • We are not joining PETA or Greenpeace.
  • We are not allowing our commitment to prevent us from participating in or having fun at social events.